Tips for Hiring a Good Divorce Attorney

Getting divorced is almost always an extremely expensive and emotionally taxing thing to do unless it is an amicable and no contest divorce. The entire process takes a long time, and it’s very important to find the best divorce attorney for the job.

Basically, there are two types of divorce; uncontested and contested. A divorce is considered uncontested if both the parties agree to divide their assets without entering an all-out war. On the other hand, if couples cannot reach a settlement, or either party is not interested in a divorce, it is considered contested.

Therefore, knowing whether your divorce will be uncontested or contested will help you in locating the best divorce lawyer. Couples with real estate or financial holdings should work with divorce attorneys possessing extensive knowledge about finance and investments. Couples with kids should hire lawyers who are well versed in family law. However, if no financial assets or kids are involved, a less expensive divorce attorney would be sufficient.

Let’s have a close look at tips to choose the best divorce attorney:

* Comparison

You should never settle for the first lawyer you meet. The best way to choose a good divorce attorney is to meet a few of them and discuss the same list of questions and issues with each one. During your meetings, you should assess a number of factors.

For example, the extent to which the attorneys are competent should be first… Whether they can construct clear and reasonable arguments or not? Whether they have competency in divorce law and can discuss relevant facts without consulting books?

It’s also important to check if their personalities are fully compatible with yours. It’s best to hire a divorce lawyer that is sympathetic and sensitive to the trying nature of divorce proceedings. He or she should be a person you should be comfortable with when sharing personal information about everything that happened between you and your spouse.

* Fearlessly ask the right questions

You should think of everything you want to know before going for a meeting with any prospective divorce attorney. You should jot down everything during the meeting as this will help you in remembering all that is important for you. Also try to judge the tone of divorce attorney’s responses. Are they hesitant or vague? Are they condescending? All these are warning signs that the lawyer is not professional enough to handle your case.

* Find out the costs

When you meet a prospective divorce attorney, you should gather all important information including their fees. Also find out whether you will have to pay your fee in lump sum, or you can pay it in installments.

* Stay calm

No matter how angry you are at your spouse, you need a divorce attorney who doesn’t exacerbate or encourage those feelings. A good attorney will be objective, fair and logical, and will advise you on how to get divorced in the easiest and least messy way possible. Attorneys who try to create or endorse thirst for revenge cannot be trusted, as vengeful and contentious divorces cost a lot more money.

* Choose a morally upstanding attorney

You should avoid attorneys who suggest that it’s a good idea for you to use cruel, underhand or manipulative tactics during the course of divorce proceedings. Your divorce attorney should also try to tactfully correct you if you are unreasonable about what you expect from your spouse or your demands.

By following the above tips, you should be able to find a good attorney who is well suited for your personal needs and process of your divorce. Interviewing several attorneys may sound taxing, but think of time you’d waste if you will hastily choose someone who will not give your case the professionalism and time that it deserves that a good divorce attorney would give to you.

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